You And I And The Moon

moon-animation16There I go again
opening my mouth
and spoiling it all

I should learn
saying less
is sometimes more

I long to revisit
our early days
when all we did was kiss

Silence and stardust
was perfection
you and I and the moon


Author: Lizzie Ginger

The girl who drowned words...

9 thoughts on “You And I And The Moon”

  1. I’ve been busy with work as well so I barely have time to write, but I always make it a point to read all the new posts of my creative friends, including you. Good luck with everything. 🙂


  2. Thanks so very much, that’s really very kind of you! I will follow you back, but I have to say, I’ve been posting more often lately, but usually I’m not on the blog very often, my job keeps very busy, so don’t get a lot of time to read a lot, but will certainly drop by when I can. Thank you, and happy writing dear beautiful writer! 🙂


  3. Hello. How you doin? I just want to let you know that you have a great thing going on here, your posts are very inspirational and I feel very proud that I am a part of this community, I get to see and read thoughts from people, their experiences, their own version of the world. I am looking to reading more of your posts. I just got back from a two months writing hiatus and I’ve never felt better. I will follow your blog and I hope you can follow me back. Thank you! Have fun writing! 🙂

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