No Fantasy Darling

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I don’t know, what makes you think
our incompatible, would be such perfection
would it not in time, wrap around our graceful throats
choke the life from flesh
leave our souls overcast, bruised and abused
although, you might like that
you seem thrilled by the fantasy of harm

It’s no fucking fantasy darling
harm is damage
no matter how
delicate the mind or the hand
and murder mysteries
are no fun entertainment
the two are akin to me

What makes you sure, you’d be content by my side
when you know I’ll be questioning your intelligence
the stories in your head have scribbled a fabrication
the stories have whispered torrid tales
whip the fiction back on the page
and tell it how naughty it’s been
you dreamed a girl, who doesn’t exist


Author: Lizzie Ginger

The girl who drowned words...

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