Her Shade

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I was blue yesterday
still blue today
tomorrow I’ll be neon
and still blue

I don’t change!!!

I speak the mind
say what is and what’s not
but you’re tuned
to another channel

Have I changed???

You wear fantasy like jewels
so impressive and entirely real
you fuck strangers on Tumblr
with dirty little phrases

Where’s the change???

I’m still blue
I’m flaunting me
my reality is not yours
and ‘that’ will never be okay

So what changed???

I’m a fierce girl
who loves her shade
and I’d laugh damn loud
if you tied me to a bed

Unlikely to change…

I’m not ugly
and neither are you
we’re just living in different colours
so excuse me
while I return to my blue world



Author: Lizzie Ginger

The girl who drowned words...