Medicate The Mind

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Maybe… I’ve changed my way
walking backwards
zoning out
maybe… i’m not
who you thought I was

What comes to mind
when you look at me
all ‘you’ve‘ ever hoped for
all you have ‘imagined

Unfold the telescope
gaze through the tunnel
until reality gifts a surprise
and there you may find
there are no stars

Honestly medicate the mind
don’t let ‘it‘ dictate to you
form a unique shape
and demand it never lie

Maybe… you like things I don’t
i fear we’ll never agree
maybe… it’s time
we woke from our sleeping



Author: Lizzie Ginger

The girl who drowned words...

3 thoughts on “Medicate The Mind”

  1. I never know where any Writer/Artist find their inspiration or voice to and or of Expression, but Oh! Wow! Continue following and finding yourself. (@–>–)


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