The nights pass
in painful despair
without the knowing of you

My thoughts
drift in
then fall from dreams

I fear
you are with her
but wonder
when you touch her skin
when you kiss her lips
  is it not hers you feel
but the lingering memory
of mine?


Into Dawn

tumblr_n7krhr7awL1s3jo9co1_500A sultry night
so soon
moves into dawn

Party eyes
wishing for home
for welcome sleep
and for autumn
never to approach
for every weekend

to be like this one
spent in the company
of embracing friends

Autumn whispers
it’s time is turning
remains the same


e46ff46cda7c156d20378f4487788af6I counted the dragons
in the sky
three came
to warn
of my impending destruction

I spoke one to oblivion
turned to ignore the second
and the third
I wait for him to dare
to breathe on me
for all he gives out
shall be returned

He lingers in the clouds
and spits sparks
it’s the first time
my enemies
have made me smile

Never Quite Full

water clouds glass_www.wallpaperhi.com_23

The glass is never quite full
only half
of what I believe I deserve
falls to me

I drink of what I’m given
but thirst
for so much more

In The Rain

rain rain on glass_www.wallpaperhi.com_46

I met you in the rain
you saw me hiding
saw my neglected soul
I still remember your eyes
soft and hazel… and loving

You asked if I was okay
the most beautiful words
I’d ever heard

Nobody asked before
not one cared
if I still knew I was alive

And now
you are distant
a cherished memory
but your love… lingers on

How Life Appears

10860-woman-in-the-mirror-1920x1080-fantasy-wallpaperWhat I see
is not what is at all

I look
and tell myself tales
of how life appears
of where I’ve been
and where I’m going

That’s the trouble
with a writing mind
you never know
what part of it
you should believe


tumblr_lywytpgovv1qzl7pko1_500Eyes closed
deep breath
I listen
to the daisies
chit and chatter

Flowers speak
but only offer words
to those
who have nature ears


122919_tattoos-women-moon-fantasy-art-1920x1200-wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_8You were beautiful
like the moon
you were radiant
like the night star
filled me with love
I had never known

Now I think of you
each full moon
eternally grateful
for the touch
of your flawless soul
without you
I would not be



It passed me by
barely brushing
almost unseen
touching soul
radiant in love
purifying my mind
I am elevated
I am renewed

The Darkest Place


You lead me
far from home
you enticed me
to your private game
you abandoned me
in the darkest place

It’s taken time
to discover the way
to emerge
from black to white
I have found the light
and left you
to your discoloured world