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i wanted it to be
the way it is
in stories

it turns out
the same… again
his eyes that way
my ears this way

differences dividing
right down our centre

i wanted it to be
new found love
the way it often begins
and ends
in books

my heart never learns
that kind of love
those guys

are only tales



A Fine Wash Of Azure


I follow his pen
the strokes and lines
the flourish the angle
how he spells sincerity
so plain and honest
with a fine wash of azure
as life really is
and strange how nobody
wants to read it
only elegance dressed as truth
humanity’s harsh hours
are a measure too blue
and never as lovely as sky


The Darkest Hour by Saisona

I am ravaged by tiredness
stinging blinking eyes
concentration flies through windows
impending yawns
and a mind that cares for nothing

Insomnia is a wicked visitor
only those who’ve friended it
know how its vines fetter
and leave you wondering
who you are


You And I And The Moon

moon-animation16There I go again
opening my mouth
and spoiling it all

I should learn
saying less
is sometimes more

I long to revisit
our early days
when all we did was kiss

Silence and stardust
was perfection
you and I and the moon

Don’t Ask


Don’t tell me
all I see is true
don’t expect
I’ll worship the vision
and my eyes
won’t unravel tales
Don’t wait for me to follow
I’m no lamb to their slaughter
don’t ask me for faith
when they float errors through my sky
An apparition
a misconception
the grand hallucination
a filthy little pipe dream
the come and get me mirage
shoots a poison arrow
and aims to rot my heart
Don’t ask
don’t ask me
to catch doves and falling stars

and respect all the lies


largeStars are falling
my universe spins wild
I am raptured
by everything you are
The thought of my devotion
intoxicates you
I have not come near
even so
I am more than real
Our spirits rise
mingle in silent ways
we have become art
in love



In these moments
I sense you lean close
in subtle ways
you leave
a questioning heart

I wait for you to tell me
of the fire in your eye
feel the heat
you choose to conceal

In these moments
I hear so much
even when
you leave your voice behind

Image: Rene Magritte

I Could


Some days
I could easily fall
and not a soul would notice

Some days
I dream
of being caught

To find
has no fear