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i wanted it to be
the way it is
in stories

it turns out
the same… again
his eyes that way
my ears this way

differences dividing
right down our centre

i wanted it to be
new found love
the way it often begins
and ends
in books

my heart never learns
that kind of love
those guys

are only tales



You And I And The Moon

moon-animation16There I go again
opening my mouth
and spoiling it all

I should learn
saying less
is sometimes more

I long to revisit
our early days
when all we did was kiss

Silence and stardust
was perfection
you and I and the moon

Beautiful Morning


No ordinary Saturday morning
no ordinary meeting of coffee lovers
you and I sitting here
almost daring not to trust
casual tone talk
underneath a fire… it burns

We’ve been burned before
one too many times
the kind of heat we desire
has never lasted
you reach for my hand
your eyes glued to mine
the macaroons and coffee… disappear

This isn’t about warm caf├ęs
and coffee appreciation
this is the finding of love
a discovery of something missing
it’s a beautiful morning
and you just burned… into my soul