Medicate The Mind

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Maybe… I’ve changed my way
walking backwards
zoning out
maybe… i’m not
who you thought I was

What comes to mind
when you look at me
all ‘you’ve‘ ever hoped for
all you have ‘imagined

Unfold the telescope
gaze through the tunnel
until reality gifts a surprise
and there you may find
there are no stars

Honestly medicate the mind
don’t let ‘it‘ dictate to you
form a unique shape
and demand it never lie

Maybe… you like things I don’t
i fear we’ll never agree
maybe… it’s time
we woke from our sleeping





To think how once
you danced in the breeze
basked in sunlight
and knew nothing of falling

If only evergreen was your name
and summer winds
were always here
and sleep could never descend

Into Dawn

tumblr_n7krhr7awL1s3jo9co1_500A sultry night
so soon
moves into dawn

Party eyes
wishing for home
for welcome sleep
and for autumn
never to approach
for every weekend

to be like this one
spent in the company
of embracing friends

Autumn whispers
it’s time is turning
remains the same